General Manager and Director of Design

SPSW ideas advocated (Seek perfection & Strive for win-win) , Construct design integration,Independent rich spirit of innovation, be good at planning and cooperation , Known a long time working in foreign-funded enterprises played product design and design management positions. Design and Volume production one of many in Europe and the United States, Japan, the outstanding domestic work; Short listed Technology Competition in 2003 and participated in the signing Bo richer groups invited emerging technology center in Ningbo ; Good planning product design, brand design and design management, and familiarity with using large 2D 、 3D software. Super integration of industrial design and brand design, To provide customers with high-quality system of international brands and product service system. Works include 《 integrated design-the perfect combination of brands and products 》,《 Oriental -OKING Disney 》 . 《 The human design management 》,《 are proud of carbon fiber products business planning. 》 and so on.


Consultant Director

EMBA Senior manager,be good at market research ,roduct sales and brand planning operation,Store operations and management training ; Set down strategy for Enterprise , empolder and spread product line and plan sales System , table , flow , sales training and develop sales tools, and industrial market research for enterprise Successfully. Published articles as flow: "Brand Marketing needs a good mentality" on the Global Brand Website , " marketing department operating points of Enterprise ","businessman" , "Stores management , not necessarily low" on the Sale and market-first marketing website and otherwise.


Graphic design Director

Graduated from the University of advertising art professional, I has been an graphic designer in Sunny advertisement at Ningbo , been an graphic designer in Mansi culture at Wenzhou , been an design director of layout in Jinrui,I am good at brand planning, VI design, drumbeating brochure design for enterprise, product list design, packing design, business promotion and so on.







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